six hours

Minus lunch.

I hardly slept last night, what with the tossing and the turning and the thinking about what my life is going to be like after today. I think it's going to be a slow build to really feeling like I'm living the dream. First it will feel like a day off, then a long weekend, then a vacation. I figure after a few weeks, it'll hit me. I do have fears. I don't want to run out of money. I don't want to get lonely and depressed. I don't want to go on a TV-watching, potato-chip-eating, sweatpants-wearing bender. But I honestly don't think any of those things are going to happen. I am so ready for this.

Once I figure out how to back up my five years of blog posts, this site as you know it is going to go away. New life, new web site, etc. No tears!

geeky fun

So one of the fun things about putting my online classes together has been working with the people over at Nuvvo. To read what those far more clever than I are saying:

storytime with the Stingy Scholar

TechCrunch + comment conversation

listen to the developers themselves at EdTechTalk

also? if you're into the whole Mac thing, the class schedules integrate with iCal. wow!

(I realize this post will only be interesting to 1.6 of my readers - hi Gino and possibly Jonathan!)

Speaking of geekitude, I'm seriously thinking that when I actually re-do my site, I'm going to use LiveJournal as my blog interface of choice. I know this may be a real blow to some of you who have gone out of your way to get a blogger account just so that you can post your clever comments, but I gotta say that LJ is far more flexible. You can do stuff like make sets and subsets of friends, and then write posts that are only visible to whatever sets of friends you choose. This would be really handy if you were going to have, like, a Charles Dickens birthday party and wanted to invite your real life friends but not every stranger who reads your blog. You would just make a post to the friends subset you've created..."Local friends who will embrace any excuse to party," for example. You can make some posts totally private. I guess that's like talking to yourself...or maybe those posts are password protected. Haven't tried it yet. There's an integrated voice post feature for paid accounts (which are super cheap, like coins in the couch cushion cheap). The "friends" page is genius, because it's like a built-in feed of all the LJs and blogs you regularly read. You just click "friends" and see what's going on with your friends, enemies, and frenemies on one convenient page. If people you read aren't on LJ, you simply syndicate their blogs into your LJ friends list, and Bob's your uncle. And I've had way fewer technical problems over there than with blogger. Anyway. It's just something for y'all to think about in case you decide to pack it up and move it out.

call it a compulsion

I have this blog, right, and I have my LiveJournal, and a page on MySpace. Well, now there is the MP3 blog, also at LiveJournal. Only because sometimes there are just songs you want other people to hear. I don't really plan to write clever or insightful things about the songs. They're just there because I like them and want other people to enjoy them, should they so desire.

Have at it:

Thank you and good night.

my eyes! my eyes!

I spent six hours today going through the galley proofs of Story of a Girl. It looks great, like a real live book. Whoopee! But now I can't focus on anything that's more than six inches from my face.

Things are really winding down at work. I start training my replacement on Monday. Today I went by the office and packed up my personal effects - my framed mission statement, the picture of G-man, David Fleming's translation of the Anima Christi, a few CDs, a disposable camera with a few shots left. It's really coming to an end. Yay. And also: Sigh.


We had what I consider our first real winter snow today. Sure, it's been snowing in the mountains all along, but as for a good near white-out right in the city, this is the first. It was beautiful and made me feel all cozy, even though I was at work.

Yesterday I laughed more than I have in a long while. You know, just that goofy laughter that keeps going and going and your stomach hurts and your eyes seems like instances of that kind of laughter get farther and farther apart as you shoot out of your teens and creep beyond your twenties. Before you know it you are thirty-five and that kind of laughter requires a nudge from alcohol or extreme duress. Yesterday's laugh riot all started with the globe on Alan's desk, and his discovery that I know absolutely nothing related to geography. And then it paid forward and spilled into dinnertime with my hub. Now that is a man that can make me laugh. Something about serving Little Smokies at our Dickens' Birthday Party. (If you missed the Shakespeare party, you'll have the opportunity to celebrate a dead novelist in full Gordon style a couple of weeks from now.)

Eight more days of work. I'm starting to get a little sad.